Chemical Dependency:

A Tough Pill to Swallow: An Overview of Prescription Drug Abuse
Against the Odds; An Overview of Gambling Addiction
An Introduction to Substance Abuse: Wasted
An Overview of Co-Dependency: The Need to be Needed
It’s Not the Brady Bunch: Family Effects of Addiction
Double Jeopardy: Dual Diagnosis, Chemical Dependency and Mental Illness
Family Effects of Addiction: It’s Not the Brady Bunch
Growing Like A Weed: The Marijuana Epidemic
Sobering Thoughts: Substance Use Disorders an Older Adults
The Need to Be Needed: An Overview of Co-Dependency

Clinical Issues:
A Matter of Life and Death: Suicide Assessment
Buried Beyond Belief: An Overview of Hoarding Behaviors
Calming the Storm: Crisis Intervention Crisis Intervention

Diagnosis Unknown: A Layman’s Guide to Mental Health Diagnosis
Going Two Extremes: An Overview of Bipolar Disorder
Going Out on a Limb: Working with Individuals with Disabilities
Healing the Hunger: Recognition and Treatment of Eating Disorders
Male Call: Working with Men in Social Services
Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Love Thy Self
Lesson in Loss: Older Adults and Grief
Love Thy Self: Working with Narcissistic Personality Disorders
Searching for Happily Ever After: An Overview of Depressive Disorders
The DSM 5: The Dawning of a New Era in Mental Health Diagnoses
The Benefits of Forgiveness in Counseling: Water Under the Bridge
The Emotional Hurricane: Borderline Personality Disorder
The Games People Play: An Overview of Personality Disorders
Traumatic Brain Injury: Mending the Mind
Just What the Doctor Ordered: Psychopharmacology with Older Adults

Cultural Diversity:
Breaking Barriers: The Reality of Implicit Bias in Social Services
Going out on a Limb: Working with Individuals with Disabilities
Home Grown Child Welfare: Working with Individuals in the Appalachian


The Nuts and Bolts of Ethics in Social Services

Drawing the Line in the Sand; Addressing Boundary Issues within Social Services

Trauma Related Topics:
Beyond the Bruises: An Overview of Domestic Violence
Beyond Sticks and Stones Bullying and Older Adults
Bridges Over Troubled Waters: Sexual Trauma and Older Adults
But Words can Always Hurt me: The Impact of Emotional Abuse on Older Adults
I Can’t Forget It: PTSD and Older Adults

Stress Management:
When You’re Making a Living, Instead of a Life: Stress Management &
Burnout Prevention